WaterFarmers Aquaponics

WaterFarmers, is at the heart of the innovation through re-invention paradigm of the Sustainnovation venture. We strive to lead a societal shift towards self sufficiency, through the design and development of innovative Aquaponic systems around the world. In collaboration with partner organizations, individuals, and businesses, we use modern horticultural techniques, materials and energy systems to create Aquaponic solutions. Our simple vision is engineering through bio-mimicry, design with the expectation that each aspect of the food production life cycle, is optimized to positively impact human and environment health. With active projects and partnerships in 10 countries across 4 continents, the WaterFarmers label has secured a reputation that rivals the best in the business.

Sustainnovation Inc

Sustainnovation Inc is a Canadian business model dedicated to the design and development of sustainable engineering alternatives that provide businesses and individuals the opportunity to invest in the regeneration and revival of ‘quite plainly’ the way we make things happen. The simple foundation of the venture is based on the Cradle to Cradle approach, to design with a sole focus of reviving and regenerating environmental health. Alongside, dealing in urban sustainability, Sustainnovation specializes in the application of renewable energy in unique scenarios, working on continuously expanding and discovering the multivariate prospects of renewable resources.


Our Vision

Making Food Security Your Business.

At WaterFarmers, we passionately design technology that produces the purest food in the world. This vision unites us as a team and is the hallmark of our customer centric consultancy style. Our promise, is to deliver Aquaponics to regions that are agriculturally challenged, however we believe in making Aquaponics a successful business venture.

Channeling Aquaponics into the academic grassroots will serve additional value to education and increase the perception of the scientific phenomenon. Furthermore, it is our ambition to empower communities through Aquaponics as a social movement.