First aquaponics project in Barka

Dr Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, officially launched the first aquaponics farm in Barka on Wednesday.

The project combines conventional aquaculture, which is raising aquatic animals in specially treated tanks, and cultivating plants in water in a symbiotic environment, ensuring non-toxic, healthy farm products and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country.

“It’s a big step forward for us not only in terms of size but in terms of technology and water consumption as well,” said Dr Al Sajwani. “This is a first of its kind in the country and has a huge potential to be replicated in other parts of the country.

Not just that, it also helps in creating jobs and ensuring food safety in the country,” he said.

Al Arfan Aquaponics Agritech, promoters behind the 7,400 sqm project, said 4,600 sqm was dedicated to farm production which can produce 22,700 plants.

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