Our Team

Arvind Venkat<span>Scientific Director</span>

Arvind VenkatScientific Director

One of the most popular names in the commercial Aquaponics industry worldwide, Arvind is a sustainable solutions innovator with a Masters degree in Engineering and Management. His designs are developed around a unique systems approach to Aquaponic farming. He leads our team from the front, always!

Gayathri Arvind<span>Director – Operations</span>

Gayathri ArvindDirector – Operations

Gayathri brings to WaterFarmers, over ten years of industry experience in Production line and Warehouse management. She completes the business end of Waterfarmers’ projects with her skills in planning workflow and material flow. As our in-house PM and Operations Director, she leads the construction plan mapping, post-commissioning timelines, and farm operations.

Dr. Stephen Goddard<span>Aquaculture Scientist</span>

Dr. Stephen GoddardAquaculture Scientist

Based in Belgium, Stephen is our in-house fish expert and aquaculture design supremo. With over 50 years of experience having handled every fish that has ever been farmed on the planet, he is our proudest asset. Stephen also heads our Europe and Africa business interests.

Murray Hallam<span>Training and team development</span>

Murray HallamTraining and team development

The father of modern day Aquaponics is credited for the resurgence of the industry at the turn of the millennium. The Waterfarmers design is an offshoot of his early discoveries on parallel integration of growing systems (CHOP2). Murray has been a mentor since our inception and now actively designs the training program for Waterfarmers’ commercial projects.