Project Evaluation Form

The following document will aim to outline the resources available for your Aquaponic project and thereby allow experts at WaterFarmers™ to evaluate the expectations and the capacity of the project to propose an optimally feasible design. This is the most vital step in deciding the success of an Aquaponic project, and we request you to please take a moment and complete the questions in this form

Geographic Planning and Environment

1. What is the planned geographic location of the Aquaponic project?

2. What area of land are you looking to dedicate to your Aquaponic project? Please enter with units

3. Briefly state the seasonal variations with average range of temperatures, and rainfall as Storm/Frequent/Rare

  • Temperature
    Daylight Hrs
  • April - August
  • Sept - Nov
  • Dec - March

4. Please provide data or links to information on the quality of natural light available for the location under consideration for the Aquaponic system.

5. Select the type of Aquaponic system you would like to scope for your project

6. Select all types of Aquaponic implementations that you are interested in implementing

7. Please select availability of materials for construction of beds and troughs

Market, Production and Agronomic Scope

1. What is your production purpose? Choose from the following list and fill in comments if you wish to elaborate.

2. Do you have a target production/expected annual yields for the crop? Please specify units



Greens and Herbs

3. Have you identified your market or mode of sale? Please indicate all available or possible outlets.

4. Select the crops you would like to produce in the Aquaponic system?







Natural Resources and Energy

1. Select all available consistent sources of Freshwater?

2. If water quality test results are available please record the appropriate readings

3. Do you have access to a municipal power supply line?


4. Are you interested in incorporating renewable energy sources to your Aquaponic system?

Daily Operations and Maintenance

1. Do you have prior Aquaponic or Farming experience?

2. Are you willing to hire farm hands to run daily operations on the farm and depending on scale possibly a Farm manager?

3. Are interested in obtaining certifications now or in the future?

4. Would cattle or livestock be housed within 100 feet/30m of the Aquaponic garden?