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proudly-canadianThe WaterFarmers are Toronto’s pioneering professional Aquaponic consulting group dedicated to providing turnkey solutions for Aquaponics as a sustainable food production system throughout the globe. Our commitment to providing clients technology based food security solutions is nurtured by our value for pure, hyper-local, better-than-organic food sources. WaterFarmers currently serves interests in the potential of Aquaponics as a commercial, community, hobby, or academic venture.  With active commercial projects in Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia; WaterFarmers are the industry leader in commercial Aquaponic System design on the global platform.

In a society where Sustainable, Green, Organic and Locally grown no longer associate with simply a marketing strategy but are becoming household terms of a pure food revolution. Aquaponics is leading the way in this revolution by offering products that are defined by these words. Finding its place in a transitioning social stigma where significance is rendered to the source of our food and the means of its production.

Modern farming has witnessed over a century of innovation changing in many ways the very foundation it was built upon. Technology has penetrated the science of food production to the extent of making the benefits of its penetration questionable. Organic nutrient processing systems, such as Aquaponics present a whole new world of opportunity for today’s farmer. Our state-of-the-art Aquaponic greenhouse designs allow systems to flourish in various climactic conditions utilizing local materials and resources. Eliminating the concept of waste management and turning management into utilization therefore implementing the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in the practice of food production is just the brink of our corporate vision and our intent is to make that vision practical and feasible at all levels.

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Aquaponics is an ancient concept that has witnessed revolutionary changes in recent times. Although there are several interpretations of the science, it is consistently defined as the symbiotic relationship between fish culture and food crop cultivation. The WaterFarmers design emphasises on the aerobic mineralization of organic fish effluent. This is achieved through a series of biological and mechanical “Eco Zones” which are integrated into the biome of the system.  This mineralised fish effluent is then biologically nurtured in “Food Zones” as the nutrient source to grow food crops through naturally organic hydroponic techniques. These zones along with the crops and their media, in turn, de-nitrify, de-mineralize and filter organic solids from the water. The bio-neutral water is then returned to the fish environment to complete a flourishing ecosystem. This phenomenon together with a wide array of cultivation specific microbiology rendering, WaterFarmers’ unique Nutrient Density technology, market driven agronomic modelling facilitate a naturally abundant food supply system that is self-sustainable and pure.

Requiring only 10% of the water used by traditional soil based agriculture, Aquaponics can sustainably produce food without the need for synthetic substances. Aquaponics is an all weather solution that is independent of land quality and precipitation. This highly-scalable food system when designed suitably, outputs valuable plant crops as well as freshwater fish and crustaceans.


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