• Q 5

    Are all parts of the value chain sustainable?

  • Q 4

    Is there enough?

  • Q 3

    Is the food and its sources nutritious and safe?

  • Q 2

    Is the food culturally appropriate?

  • Q 1

    Can the food reach everyone and is it affordable?


The Waterfarmers Way

WaterFarmers is Canada's pioneer Aquaponic consulting group dedicated to providing turnkey solutions for Aquaponic farming as a commercially competitive food production system, worldwide.

With operations in over 10 countries currently, we strive to lead a societal shift towards food sovereignty through the design and development of innovative aquaponic systems. In collaboration with partner organizations, individuals, and businesses, we proudly represent the largest global presence in the Aquaponic industry.

Our aim is to empower communities, enhance educational opportunities, and use scientific research to maximize productivity. Featuring modern biological sciences, environmentally conscious materials and energy systems to create aquaponic solutions through professional consulting and technical services - Farming that is both thought about, and mindful of, human and environmental health, is our conversation.

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Aquaponics is a concept that thrives on a symbiotic relationship between fish and crops. Through aerobic mineralization, organic fish excreta is used as the nutrient source to cultivate crops through soilless growing techniques. The plants and their growing media de-nitrify, de-mineralize, and filter organic solids from the water, which then returns to the fish environment to complete a flourishing ecosystem. Combined with a wide array of beneficial organisms (like bacteria, protozoa, fungii and worms) these systems provide for a high food production mechanism like no other.

Aquaponics uses 90% less water when compared to soil based agriculture and has a significantly less carbon footprint. The best part is that it does not require fertile land, in that it does not compete or operate to displace traditional farmers. It goes beyond just being environmentally friendly, it is environmentally regenerative and is a promising solution for the many issues we face in growing food in today’s industrialized and corporatized farming model.

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Urban Agriculture Innovation

Looking to integrate agriculture into a built environment or maybe just a cool solution for your urban space? Terrace gardens, container farms, whatever your next Agritecture project, we take care of that too…

WFUAI, is our design-build and contracting firm specializing in urban agriculture and ecological restoration projects in Canada.

Our team of designers, builders, growers and technical staff are uniquely positioned to steward new ideas and innovative projects from concept to execution.


Global Presence

Industry Partners

628,022 ft2
Area Built
8,929,000 kgs
Vegetables Produced
1,766,000 kgs
Fish Produced